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With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector, we have gained significant knowledge and experience in managing a range of projects for clients from both the NHS and the private sector. Our expertise spans from single-room refurbishments to extensions and the construction of brand-new state-of-the-art facilities. Over the years we have project-managed numerous equipment installations, seamlessly integrating them into both new and existing buildings.


We engage in a diverse range of projects ranging from houses to domestic extensions. From small-scale residential refurbishments and extensions to large-scale one-off residential houses and barn conversions, we approach each project on an individual basis but with the same structured process and attention to detail. We take pride in our commitment to going above and beyond the unique needs of our clients, creating spaces that perfectly fit their goals.

Commercial and Office

With experience spanning both new-build projects and redevelopments, we believe that prioritising people in design is a fundamental aspect, ensuring innovative design is combined with functionality. Our commercial and office projects are created with one eye on the future, keeping modernisation in mind alongside social, economic and environmental factors to ensure spaces are of the upmost value.

Care Home

We work with care home and nursing home providers to ensure that we create spaces that prioritise the wellbeing of residents and facilitate the seamless operation and installation of essential machinery. Our experience encompasses a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and industry standards, ensuring that our designs not only meet but exceed expectations in terms of safety, functionality, and aesthetics. Each industrial estate is treated uniquely, ensuring that all plans are optimised to help the business function optimally.

Our Services

Architectural Design

Our approach to architectural design is rooted in a fundamental belief: every successful project commences with a clear understanding of the client's vision. 

At the heart of our methodology is a collaborative process where we engage closely with the client's ideas. This initial interaction sets the stage for us to provide thoughtful and well-considered recommendations, all geared towards maximising the inherent potential of the space.

Technical Design

Upon finalising our design concept, we transition into the technical design stage, a crucial phase that sets the foundation for construction. This stage involves delving into the intricate technical aspects of the design.

Distinct from the creative realm of architectural design, technical design focuses on the detailed and precise representation of the project's engineering elements.

Project Management

With a wealth of experience overseeing a diverse range of projects, spanning from extensions to large-scale developments, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved at every stage, from initial planning to final execution.

Our commitment lies in meticulous planning and flawless execution, aiming for a seamless and punctual delivery. Throughout the entire process, we prioritise consistent communication with our clients, keeping them well-informed about the project's progress to ensure transparency and satisfaction.

Medical Equipment Integration

We take pride in transforming healthcare spaces and facilities into environments that prioritise both technological advancements and patient-centric care. This dedication extends beyond conventional architectural considerations, encompassing the integration of specialised medical equipment seamlessly into the overall design, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and patient well-being.

We have cultivated a profound understanding of the intricate design and technical requirements associated with healthcare facilities, particularly those dedicated to oncology and diagnostic imaging.

3D Modelling

We harness the power of modern techniques, prominently utilising 3D modelling to bring our design and vision into tangible designs. This technological approach not only adds an innovative dimension to our creative process, but also enables us to refine and adjust our designs iteratively to attain the most optimal outcomes for our clients.

By integrating 3D modelling into our workflow, we diminish limitations of two-dimensional representation, providing our clients with a vivid and immersive visualisation of our architectural concepts. 

Heritage and conservation

We have extensive experience in adhering to listed building standards and navigating the intricacies of conservation areas, demonstrating our commitment to preserving, enhancing and repurposing the rich heritage of architectural landmarks.

We approach each project with a profound respect for the historical significance of the structures under consideration. Through extensive research and collaboration with relevant stakeholders, we strive to uncover and preserve the unique stories embedded in these architectural structures.

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